26 5 2024 | Sun 18 Dhul Qidah 1445

Ongoing Dars e Nizami Programme

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About Dars e Nizami

Jamia Madina tul Islam offers Aalim courses that provide comprehensive Islamic education to students aspiring to become scholars and community leaders. The courses cover a wide range of subjects including Quranic studies, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafsir, Aqeedah, Islamic history, and Arabic language. Experienced and qualified scholars provide guidance and mentorship, ensuring students receive personalized attention. The courses emphasize not only theoretical knowledge but also practical application of Islamic teachings. Character development and ethical conduct are integral components of the Aalim courses. The aim is to produce scholars who embody the teachings of Islam in their personal and professional lives. Graduates of the courses receive certifications that recognize their achievement and qualification as Islamic scholars.
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